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Focus Areas

ADB focuses on sectors that align with the commitment to eradicate poverty. The Bank's work also spans across several development goals and cross-cutting initiatives.



With Asia and the Pacific’s energy demand projected to double by 2030, about 200 million people without electricity and more than 1.7 billion people without access to clean cooking, ADB is committed to helping its developing member countries achieve access to clean energy for all.

Digital Technology

Digital technology has boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery in much of the world. ADB's initiatives are empowering the poor to use digital technology to help lift themselves out of poverty.


ADB assists member countries in developing Asia to building transport infrastructure and services which contribute towards low-carbon, safe, accessible, and affordable transport systems.

Urban Development

Asia's rapidly developing cities face inadequate basic services, environmental degradation, and increasing poverty. ADB works to support the transformation of developing cities in the Asia and Pacific region into safe, sustainable urban centers.


Many countries are in a water crisis in Asia and the Pacific, and their expanding populations have growing demands for water. ADB is working to increase investments for better water services and resource management in cities and rural communities.

Other Focus Areas

Agriculture and Food Security

ADB's efforts and strategy to achieve food security in the region emphasizes the integration of agricultural productivity, market connectivity, and resilience against shocks and climate change impacts as the three pillars to achieve sustainable food security.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Management

The Asia and Pacific region is at extreme risk of undoing its economic and social development gains due to unchecked disasters and unabated climate change.


Most developing countries in Asia and the Pacific have increased primary education enrollment rates in the last three decades, but daunting challenges remain. ADB is assisting its developing member countries achieve the goal of quality education for all.


Environmental sustainability is a prerequisite for economic growth and poverty reduction in Asia and the Pacific. Environmentally sustainable growth is a key strategic development agenda in ADB, and environment is a core area for support.

Finance Sector

The financial system is the lifeline of a country's economy. ADB supports general financial sector and capital market development for microfinance, small and medium-sized enterprises, and regulatory reforms in its developing member countries.

Gender and Development

Gender equality and women's empowerment are essential for meeting Asia and the Pacific's aspirations of inclusive and sustainable development. ADB recognizes that to reduce poverty rates, helping women and girls must be a priority in its work.

Governance and Public Management

Good governance is critical for development. ADB promotes good governance processes and practices for inclusive, participatory, and sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific.


Good health boosts learning, worker productivity, and income. ADB is committed to improving health in Asia and the Pacific by supporting better governance, more water and sanitation infrastructure, and regional collaboration.

Public-Private Partnerships

ADB's Office of Public–Private Partnership helps governments use the financing, efficiency and quality of the private sector for projects that benefit society.

Regional Cooperation and Integration (RCI)

RCI promotes growth and narrows development gaps between ADB’s developing member countries by building high quality cross-border infrastructure, closer trade integration, intraregional supply chains, and stronger financial links, and motivating provision of regional public goods, enabling slow-moving economies to speed their own expansion.

Social Development and Poverty

Despite the extraordinary gains made in living standards, hundreds of millions are still excluded from the benefits of rapid economic growth. ADB envisions an Asia and Pacific that is inclusive, where the region's gains and opportunities are shared by all.

ADB and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The SDGs represent a universal call to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure peace and prosperity for all. ADB supports the enhanced ambitions the SDGs embody, and is fully committed to helping to meet them.