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Public-Private Partnerships

ADB's Office of Public–Private Partnership helps governments use the financing, efficiency and quality of the private sector for projects that benefit society.

How PPP Advisory Services can Narrow Asia’s Infrastructure Gap

How PPP Advisory Services can Narrow Asia’s Infrastructure Gap

The New Clark City master plan. ADB helped structure, model, negotiate, document and tender the first infrastructure package of the new future city in the Philippines.

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Public–private partnerships (PPPs) can play an important role in addressing the huge infrastructure investment shortfall in Asia and the Pacific. ADB encourages project financing in cooperation with the private sector in all its core operations.

Infrastructure needs in developing Asia and the Pacific will exceed $22.6 trillion through 2030. Available funding from traditional sources falls far short of the investment need. With countries in the region facing a huge shortfall in investment, along with its negative consequences on economic growth, measures are urgently needed to meet the additional funding requirements. PPPs can play an important role in addressing this massive requirement.

Benefits of partnering with the private sector

The private sector is often considered to provide greater efficiency than the public sector when managing infrastructure projects and delivering infrastructure services. By investing in new technologies, bringing innovative solutions, and encouraging more transparent organizational structures, the private sector has the potential to improve operational efficiency as well as asset and service quality.

ADB support for PPPs

To support PPPs in the region, ADB has a dedicated team of advisors with vast infrastructure finance experience to assist both public sector clients and private sector sponsors across a wide range of sectors.

ADB provides an integrated and holistic approach to PPPs:

  • support for PPP frameworks and institutions,
  • transaction advisory services, and
  • financing of projects (public and private).

ADB’s PPP Operational Plan provides a comprehensive framework for scaling up PPPs in the region.

ADB bases its PPP operations on four pillars:

  • Advocacy and capacity development—ADB plays a leadership role in advocating for PPPs within developing member countries (DMCs).
  • Enabling environment—ADB assists DMCs in developing policy, legal, regulatory, and institutional frameworks to facilitate, guide, and manage the development of PPPs.
  • Project development—ADB assists in the development of pathfinder or first-of-its-kind projects, provides support throughout the project planning, investment decision preparation, and structuring processes, and provides transaction advisory services to DMC clients.
  • Project financing—ADB’s nonsovereign products and commercial cofinancing enable it to leverage assistance and catalyze change through greater private investment in the DMCs. ADB also offers sovereign products to support PPP financing.

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Transaction Advisory Services

ADB provides transaction advisory services (TAS) to both public and private sectors.

Public sector

TAS for public sector are transaction advisory services over the entire range of activities associated with the development and structuring and placing of PPP projects in the market. Our experienced transaction advisors bring international best practice and depth of skill sets spread over various fields such as technical, finance, legal, market/demand, environment and social. These qualities enhance the project's credibility and increase investor confidence.

TAS for public sector is ideally suited for:

  • pathfinders or "first-of-its-kind" transactions;
  • transactions that involve financial, legal, or risk aspects which could be effectively assisted through ADB's unique knowledge and experience;
  • transactions that may benefit from ADB’s brand which is associated with transparency, fairness, and governance; and
  • transactions that may benefit from ADB’s role as a multilateral development bank which can galvanize multilateral financing and credit enhancement products.

Private sector

TAS for private sector is transaction/financial advisory services which assists private sector clients to structure bankable projects and raise financing. ADB's unique country knowledge, sector knowledge, country presence, financing and project experience can add significant value to the clients. ADB's assistance also benefits developing member countries by accelerating the delivery of critical infrastructure.

TAS for private sector is ideally suited for:

  • innovative transactions which require bespoke financing structuring and solutions;
  • transactions in countries where the perceived country risk is high and there is insufficient local financing market; and
  • transactions that may benefit from ADB’s presence in catalyzing and mobilizing financing.

For more information, please email ADB's Office of Public-Private Partnership (OPPP)

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