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Uzbekistan and ADB

ADB’s country partnership strategy, 2019-2023 for Uzbekistan supports the government’s ongoing reforms to transition toward a more inclusive and market-driven economy, which can be achieved by developing a robust private sector and reducing the state’s pervasive footprint.

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Economic Forecast

GDP forecasts are based on ADB's flagship publication, the Asian Development Outlook. Updated four times a year, it analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Poverty in Uzbekistan

Development indicators for Uzbekistan, including a selection of economic, environmental, and social indicators used globally to track progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Results of ADB-Supported Operations

Results achieved are aggregate amounts of outputs and outcomes from operations reported in project completion reports and extended annual review reports circulated for the year.

Projects Cofinanced

Cofinancing operations enable ADB’s financing partners, governments or their agencies, multilateral financing institutions, and commercial organizations to participate in financing ADB projects. Additional funds are provided in the form of official loans and grants, technical assistance, other concessional financing, and commercial cofinancing such as B loans, risk transfer arrangements, parallel loans and equity, guarantee cofinancing, and cofinancing for transactions under ADB’s Trade Finance Program.

Project Performance, 2000-2018

ADB Projects in Uzbekistan

Project Results

  • Change of Pace in the Heart of Asia
    Project Result / Case Study | 10 November 2021
    Change of Pace in the Heart of Asia

    Uzbekistan, with its over 33 million inhabitants, plays a key role in the economic development of Central Asia. Over the past few decades, the double-landlocked country has undergone a remarkable transition from a former Soviet state to a market-based economy. A new administration in 2016 initiated systemic reforms to further improve lives and foster an enabling environment for businesses that would create quality jobs.

  • Uzbekistan: Helping Women One Small Loan at a Time
    Project Result / Case Study | 8 November 2018
    Uzbekistan: Helping Women One Small Loan at a Time

    In Uzbekistan, a project that lends money to small businesses, with a focus on helping women entrepreneurs, is having a broad societal impact.

  • Healthy Babies and Happy Mothers in Uzbekistan
    Project Result / Case Study | 26 July 2017
    Healthy Babies and Happy Mothers in Uzbekistan

    Better training for health professionals, modern equipment and new facilities are helping to save the lives of new mothers and their babies.


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